Meet Jude Fesperman



Athletes in Steamboat Springs are taking the skills they learn on the playing field, like hard work, dedication, discipline, and accountability, and applying them to solving real -world problems.


When a community doesn’t have access to clean water, children are among the most impacted. They are more likely to get sick, miss school, and lose time they could be spending with their friends and families. Athletes water well saves 38 Lives, gives safe water to 10,000 children, and changes over 25,000 Real Lives. Be the LINK, join their movement!

Question: What grade are you in high school?
Answer: 8th

Question: What is your favorite school subject?
Answer: Spanish

Question: What sport(s) do you play that got you involved with Generation U?
Answer: Baseball

Question: What interests you most about being a GenU Athlete?
Answer: I want to be able to use my passions in life for a purpose. Right now my passion is sports and I can help save lives by bringing safe water.

Question: What are you hoping to learn/gain from this experience?
Answer: I am hoping to learn and understand new cultures in the world and reach new levels of responsibilities personally to develop myself in leadership.

Question: Why should your community invest in you?
Answer: Strong communities are built on its members and I believe I am built for big task, so by investing in me we can dent the universe together!

Question: What are your plans for after high school?
Answer: I plan to play sports as long as I can and go to college, hopefully Berkeley to major in engineering or architecture.