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Donate to save lives – X2.50


Introducing X2.50 – a simple, affordable way to make a profound impact. For just $2.50, you can provide a lifetime of clean water to an individual in Africa. Imagine, for a mere $25 a month, you can change the lives of 10 people by giving them access to clean water every month. Or, for $250 a month, you can provide 100 people with this essential resource. And if you’re able to contribute $2500 a month, you can transform the lives of 1000 people by providing them with clean water every single month. With X250, your small change can make a world of difference.



Are you ready to team up with us and save lives?

Gifting Appreciated Assets:

By gifting appreciated assets, such as stocks or mutual funds, that have grown in value and have a very low cost basis, you may be able to transfer an appreciated asset to the charity of your choice without an immediate tax consequence and realizing the benefit of donating. If you feel this may be an appropriate strategy for you please consult with your tax professional.

If you would like to donate appreciated assets to Generation U please contact:
Edward Jones
Jessica Koppe

Project donations:

Community groups are coming together to sponsor a well. Visit these links to contribute to one of the following group projects.