The Locations

Our next project of GenU safe water wells will be drilled, located. and serving the bush village of Salama, Lwangosia, Panga, Nasinu, Syanyonja, Butebeyi, Namaganda, Bugali, Mawero, and Nakola in Uganda, Africa.

The Lives Saved

When a community doesn’t have access to clean water, children are among the most impacted. They are more likely to get sick, miss school, and lose time they could be spending with their friends and families. The 10:10 Project saves 380 lives, gives safe water to 60,000 children, and changes over 100,000 real lives.


Lives Saved

# of children getting safe water

Lives Changed

Project donations:

Community groups are coming together to sponsor a well. Visit these links to contribute to one of the following group projects.

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