Ways to Give


The Younger Among Us Are Making Waves Of Change

Join us on an inspiring journey with Generation U, a beacon of hope dedicated to transforming lives through access to clean water and hygiene education for the world’s most vulnerable. In the heart of Uganda lies the village of Buyala, where the simple yet vital resource of clean water is a distant dream, and waterborne illnesses are a harsh reality, robbing children of health and education.
A passionate group of nine students from the USA has risen to the challenge, ready to bridge miles and hearts, armed with the conviction that together, we can rewrite the story of Buyala. They invite you, regardless of where you stand in life, to be a part of this transformative project. Your support can turn the tide for Buyala, offering a lifeline of clean water and the gift of health and education.
Let’s unite our efforts and empower these nine students to bring about a wave of change. Embrace this opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in desperate need. Join Generation U in laying the foundation for a future where clean water flows abundantly in every community, starting with Bala. Together, we can create ripples of hope that will grow into waves of change.