The Gen-U Blog:

Transforming Lives and Communities: Generation U’s Quarterly Impact in African Villages

Oct 11, 2023


Access to clean and safe water is a fundamental necessity for human well-being, yet millions of people in Africa struggle with waterborne illnesses and inadequate sanitation facilities. Generation U, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of communities in Africa, has been working tirelessly to address this issue. Through their well-drilling initiatives, coupled with a comprehensive hygiene and sanitation curriculum, Generation U has made remarkable progress in reducing waterborne diseases and enhancing overall health in several villages. In this quarterly impact report for October 2023, we celebrate the significant improvements achieved in various communities and the positive outcomes that will shape their future.

Bugali Village: Reducing Eye Problems by 14%

Thanks to Generation U’s intervention, the village of Bugali now has access to clean water from a newly installed borehole. Additionally, Generation U has been diligently teaching their hygiene and sanitation curriculum to the village for over six months. As a result, eye problems have decreased by an impressive 14%. This improvement signifies a significant reduction in eye-related illnesses, ensuring better vision and improved quality of life for Bugali’s inhabitants.

Salama Village: A 40% Reduction in Ulcers

In Salama village, the implementation of a clean water source and Generation U’s educational efforts have yielded remarkable results. Ulcers, which were once prevalent due to poor sanitation and contaminated water, have been reduced by a staggering 40%. This achievement demonstrates the power of combining access to clean water with comprehensive hygiene practices in combating health issues at their root cause.


Namaganda Village: Over 55% Reduction in Skin Problems

Namaganda village has experienced a remarkable transformation since gaining access to clean water through Generation U’s efforts. The village’s residents have also benefited from the organization’s hygiene and sanitation curriculum. As a result, skin problems have decreased by over 55%, significantly improving the overall health and well-being of the community. Clean water, coupled with proper hygiene practices, has proven to be a winning combination in combatting skin-related ailments.

Syanyonja Village: Malaria Reduced by 34%

Malaria, a deadly disease transmitted through contaminated water, has been a persistent threat in Syanyonja village. However, thanks to Generation U’s intervention, malaria cases have decreased by 34%. The provision of clean water, along with the organization’s educational efforts, has played a vital role in preventing the transmission of this life-threatening illness. Syanyonja’s residents can now enjoy better health and a reduced risk of malaria-related complications.


Bugali Village: Over 2 1/2% Reduction in Blood in Urine

In Bugali village, where Generation U has brought clean water and implemented their hygiene and sanitation curriculum, the occurrence of blood in urine has decreased by over 2 1/2%. This reduction highlights the positive impact of improved access to clean water and knowledge of proper hygiene practices. By addressing the root causes of health issues, Generation U has made significant strides towards enhancing the well-being of Bugali’s inhabitants.

Busumba Village: Typhoid Reduced by Over 17%

Typhoid, a dangerous waterborne disease, has posed a significant threat to the health of Busumba village. However, with the introduction of clean water and Generation U’s hygiene and sanitation curriculum, the incidence of typhoid has reduced by over 17%. This achievement is a testament to the organization’s commitment to eliminating waterborne illnesses and promoting healthier communities. Busumba’s residents can now enjoy a safer environment and improved overall well-being.


Generation U’s dedication to improving the lives of African communities by providing clean water and education on hygiene and sanitation has yielded exceptional results. The reduction in eye problems, ulcers, skin ailments, malaria, blood in urine, and typhoid in the villages of Bugali, Salama, Namaganda, Syanyonja, and Busumba represents significant progress in preventing waterborne illnesses. By addressing the root causes and offering sustainable solutions, Generation U is empowering communities, promoting longer lives, and creating more opportunities for education, particularly for children. With their ongoing efforts, Generation U continues to transform lives and build healthier futures for generations to come.