Ways to Give


Harnessing Recovery to Transform the World

Join us on a transformative journey where recovering addicts use the powerful lessons of their recovery to tackle real-world problems and find renewed purpose. Generation U is a shining light dedicated to bringing clean water and hygiene education to the world’s most vulnerable communities. In the heart of Uganda, remote villages dreams of clean water while grappling with waterborne illnesses that steal health and education from its children.

A determined recovery group from the USA has stepped up to this challenge, driven by the belief that together, we can change the narrative for Uganda. They extend an invitation to you, no matter where you are in your recovery journey, to join this impactful project.

This mission not only brings tangible benefits to Uganda but also serves as a recovery tool for a healthy, purpose-driven life. Let’s create ripples of hope that will grow into waves of change, proving that recovery can lead to extraordinary transformations.