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Unleashing the Power of Generation U Athlete: Honey Stinger and Water Crisis Solutions

Aug 24, 2023

Lunch, learn, and share Generation U at Honey Stinger Last week Generation U athletes were invited to a lunch and learn at Honey Stinger Headquarters in Steamboat Springs.

Catherine Burke, Office manager at Honey Stinger, said the athletes came to present and share about Generation U and the current season. Burke said it was an opportunity for Honey Stinger to get a first hand look at what projects Generation U athletes are working on while also exposing the team to Honey Stinger.

“It’s one thing to hear about these amazing programs and what our local student-athletes are doing. It’s something completely different to actually see what they’ve accomplished,” Burke said.

Jude Fesperman spoke about his why for Generation U, which is saving lives. He also gave insight on how being on the frontlines forever changed his viewpoint.

Fesperman said after going to Uganda last February. He saw the impact he made. “It touched me, and I saw that it touched them,” Fesperman said. “So now, my why is the impact.”

Fesperman said his perspective changed when he went to villages with a water well and villages without.

“We were greeted by dancing, singing, like shaking leaves, just truly a different atmosphere,” Fesperman said. “They were so excited, so grateful, and so happy, which like completely blew me out of the water because I was expecting it to be like some of the villages that we’d seen where they hadn’t experienced the well.”

As Fesperman shared his story at Honey Stinger, he could see the reactions of Honey Stinger employees.

“They looked interested and curious and engaged,”

Fesperman said. “So it was great. It was a really cool space, and seemed like really cool people.”

Burke said one of the takeaways from the whole team was the athletes arrived in Ugandan communities and worked with communities, not telling communities what they needed to do.

“It was really cool to see that they’re, you know, they’re teaching best hygiene practices, but they’re not enforcing anything,” Burke said. “There’s no like; you have to do this.” Burke said the value of an organization like Generation U is introducing student-athletes to space beyond the court and field.

“So allowing those student-athletes to really see and understand that you know, they have unbelievable opportunities living in this valley,” Burke said. “But other people might not have those same opportunities.

Burke said that having Generation U athletes out in the community talking about what they have done will hopefully create a ripple effect.

Generation U athletes got a tour of Honey Stinger headquarters at lunch and learn. Many athletes commented on the wellness spaces and how Honey Stinger treats its employees.

Tanner Cobb said he found the basketball goal at the entrance of the building cool, along with the cafeteria. He said it didn’t look like a traditional office building.

Finn Rogers said he learned about the importance of employee relationships, workplace culture, and how to be an efficient worker.

Last February, Honey Stinger sent products with the athletes to fuel themselves and also to share with the communities in Uganda. Burke said Honey Stinger sent over energy waffles, hydration, and bars. Burke said Honey Stinger would want to share their product again.